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Tutoring Center - Math Tutoring
We offer tutoring in virtually any subject (except  Math and Writing) offered at Highline  College. This assistance is available to any student currently enrolled at Highline  College. 

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Building 26, Room 319 (Map)

2400 S. 240th Street

Des Moines, WA 98198 (Map)

Tel: (206) 878-3710 Ext. 3444

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Qualifications to become a tutor:
  • Science Tutors must have received a 3.5 or higher in the class they wish to tutor and be recommended by their instructor. 
  • Tutors for all other subjects must have a 3.5 or higher in the class they wish to tutor in and be recommended by their instructor. 
  • All tutors must attend tutor training. 
  • You can also stop by the Tutoring Center in Building 26-319, call ext. 3444 or Contact us to receive more information about tutoring.
Process of becoming a tutor:
  • Read the Job Description.
  • Read Tutor Responsibilities and Tutor Policies.
  • Complete an application:   download here
    a) Make sure to complete all four pages of the application.
    b) After completing the application, email it to the lead tutor, Eva Armas (
  •  Download the Faculty Recommendation
    a) Type your name on this form and list the course(s) you can tutor.
    b) Send this to your teacher by email.
    c) Have the teacher send your completed recommendation directly to the lead tutor, Eva Armas (earmas@highline.edu).
    d) Paper copies of completed recommendations will be accepted in the Tutoring Center (Building 26, room 319).
  • Bring a copy of your transcript to the Tutoring Center (Building 26, room 319).
  • Meet with your appropriate subject coordinator for the subject you will tutor.
Benefits of becoming a tutor:
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Help others succeed.
  • Improve your own study skills.
  • Earn money while attending school.
  • Receive college credit for tutor training.
  • Receive national certification in tutoring.
  • Add to your scholastic and career resume.
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